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Active Violence Threat Program

RTT Active 12JUL19 - 15DEC19 (PERTH)


16 Hours $375ea 

Firearm. Knife. Vehicle. Fire. Improvised Weapons. These are threats we can encounter on a daily basis in an increasingly unstable world. ‘Active Shooter’ is a poor and overused term that neglects the wider spectrum for which we can find ourselves confronted with. Regardless of motive, Active Violent Threats are:

  • Very real in everyday life

  • Increasing worldwide

  • Impossible to prevent and predict

  • Require simple operational planning skills to carry out

  • Can be conducted upon a “point” of opportunity

  • Utilises minimal equipment that is readily accessible

  • Cause maximum effect physiologically and psychologically on the populace

This program will instruct candidates to mitigate/ deter a threat or minimise damage and save lives in such an incident.

PAX Limit - 10

LEO Package including range time and CQB offensive clearance package also available. Email direct via work email for details.




• Background and Profiling
• Human Disaster/ Stress Response
• Real World Case Studies
• Threat Mitigation and Detection
• Security Packets

• Host Nation Security and Response Measures
• Engagement and Response Measures
• Reaction to contact
• Operational Medicine • Operational Planning



Training opportunities will be limited to Regional Training Team accessibility and time frame due to staff still actively duty. Should you wish to host external training, contact us direct for availability and package development.

Perth, Western Australia - 12JUL19 - 15DEC19

Virginia, United States


Prepare for your course

This course will contain graphic and confronting images and thought provoking processes. This course isn’t tailored for force on force. It is built for getting off the X, increasing survivability for yourself and those under your care, along with those around you. The course does contain a hands on component that is suitable for candidates of all ages and fitness levels.

21+ unless accompanied by an adult. 18-21 - Contact direct for sponsorship.

Course essentials:

  • Comfy clothing and enclosed shoes that can get dirty

  • Open mind

  • Notebook - We do provide candidate booklets for notes however space is limited

  • Pen

Recommended reading material:

  • The Unthinkable by Amanda Ripley

  • Deep Survival Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales



  • Candidate booklet

  • Training aids and simulators

  • Course certificate

  • Case studies of real world and current events

  • Access to Alumni only events


All bookings are final however, should life get in the way, you can reschedule within a month post original booking.