CSA Drill - Pistol/ Carbine

The ideal target to hone the fundamentals and make solid use of limited range time. Post your times and tag us on our Facebook page.

Cof 01 - Utilise entire box - 5/2/5

CoF 02 - Utilise upper half then transition to bottom half to complete the CoF - 5/2/5/5/2/5

Running these drills with a carbine will also test the shooters knowledge and ability to engage close proximity targets at an off-set - POA vs POI.

Download here and print on an A4 piece of paper.

Triple Threat Drill - Pistol/ Carbine

Run on standard HR targets available through CAD Group, Triple Threat Drill is ideal for addressing trigger control and speed along with multiple target area engagements on the human body.

CoF - From the holster or high ready on the carbine, three rounds in 8” CV region, one round to the pelvic diamond and one round to the ocular T-box.

Regardless of the threat wearing armour, this will not only slow down their movement but guarantee to switch them off. Ideally run with two targets at 7m (pistol or carbine dependent).

Par Time - Single Target Pistol 3.5sec


Stitch ‘em Up Drill - Pistol/ Carbine

Static work of engaging targets with two/three rounds doesn’t work in the real world. The ‘Stitch ‘em Up' Drill’ focuses solely on stopping the threat immediately and utilising the firearms recoil to do most of the work.

On the buzzer, the shooter will engage three rounds to the 8” CV region, one round to the lower cervical spine and one in the ocular T-box. The training aspect allows shooters to engage a smaller centre of mass on the threat focusing on trigger manipulation, drive, accuracy and understanding of shot placement - critical and lethal engagements.


Offset Drill - Carbine


Brief preview into the importance of economy of movement in the mechanics and movement module.

VO2 Drill - Pistol

Conducted at a distance of 12 yards from the target, the shooter will load one 10-round magazine and sprint in-between two cones (placed 20 yards apart laterally to the target). When approaching the middle of the sprint line, the shooter will slow, NOT stop, and rotate their upper half to engage one round on target and continue running.

Par Time - 8 rounds in 40 sec.

This drill tests running mechanics, movement and manipulation, accuracy and VO2 capability.


Yemen Drill - Pistol