Conflict Applications & Development Group

FLIR Program

First Line Incident Response Program


3 Days $1135

The complete optimization package for the First Line Incident Response Officer. Developed from training and operational experience within the US Department Of State and US Department of Defense, Officers will leave with an in depth understanding, method of approach and execution to high risk opposition based engagements that will increase both capability and lethality. Tailored with an accelerated program approach and in a crawl, walk, run style, the three day package will cover:

Day 01 - Operational Medicine: TRAIC Program

Day 02 - Marksmanship Management Skills - Pistol (MMS-P)

Day 03 - Offensive Clearance Alpha Packet (PAX minimum - 2)

PAX Maximum - 10




• Operational Medicine: TRAIC Program
• Marksmanship Management Skills
• Self/ Team Diagnostic Tools
• Resilience • Small Unit Clearance Tactics • Building anatomy • Culmination scenario of the three day package

• Combat proven methods of approach and execution • Mechanics and Movement (M2) • Accelerated and integrated programming brought across from scalable systems involving physical fitness, shooting and combative sports



Training opportunities will be limited to Regional Training Team accessibility and time frame. This is due to staff still being actively duty. Should you wish to host external training, contact us direct for availability and package development.

Perth, Western Australia - 12JUL19 - 15DEC19

  • 13OCT19 - Perth

Virginia, United States - 2020 schedule TBC


Prepare for your course

The best way to prepare is to come with an open mind. None of our training programs derive from Australian based best practice theories. All of our programs are designed and tailored from experience within US Department of State, USASOC and combat proven. This packet is physically and mentally demanding so be adequately hydrated and rested prior to the course as you will be outside with minimal shade two out of three days.

Sustained an injury leading up to the course? No problem. Rest up, let us know what it is and we’ll work around it to maximize course content and value for you.

Program essentials:

  • List supplied upon booking

  • Reference materials and submitted case studies in TRIBE Group - Admitted upon confirmation of payment



  • Candidate Booklet

  • Candidate Course Management Card

  • Certificate upon completion

  • Access to Alumni only events

  • MMS -Pistol/ Carbine

  • Nightfighter Clinic (Omega Packet)

  • Operational Medicine for the Individual Shooter (Omega Packet

  • Scalable Offensive Clearance Package

  • Catering provided for Operational Medicine: TRAIC Program


All bookings are final however, should life get in the way, you can reschedule within a month post original booking.