Grip: Equal Push And Pull


Alright guys, time to lock down the grip. If you haven’t seen the Facebook post in regards to trigger jerk being a myth, then check it out here. 

There are a tonne of arguments on the 60/40 grip and how stupid it is so lets focus on the how and why to fix grip if it’s your issue. Out of all the platforms, the pistol is the hardest to work effectively and maintain consistency. The good news, when you run the pistol correctly, this grip translates to the carbine.

Focusing on the standard two hand grip, lets push forward. First up, to answer the question of how tight, I want you to take a second and figure out the strength for yourself doing the following:

 1. Close one hand to a fist

2. Place your other hand over that fist and squeeze (with your hand - not your forearm or bicep)

3. Continue increasing strength until your squeezing begins to shake

4. Whilst maintaining that tension, slowly reduce the strength in the squeeze

5. You’ll find the right pressure point when all of a sudden the shaking stops but you still have a tight grip

6. Repeat for your other hand

There we go. Grip strength has been established just for you. Anyone that says otherwise is regurgitating crap and there is no way they can know what strength percentage is specific to you.

Now that we have a strength model established, lets move to the mechanics from gripping the pistol on the draw from the holster to it being on target and post firing cycle.

Grip 01 copy.png

Right from the draw your hand should be driving right into the grip high and tight on the beaver tail. This ensures correct indexing (another post to follow on this) and seating the pistol into your firing hand. Fast forward post draw and both our hands presenting the pistol on target.

Now, your support hand comes in and needs to grip the frame with thumb of the support hand high on the frame and pointing towards your intended Point Of Impact (POI). That’s right, shooting works very similar to how you were taught when throwing a ball. Point where you want the bullet to go and we are half way there. The other half. The grip. Now pressure should be equal pressure inwards on both hands. The second component is equal pressure in push and pull. 

The push is slight pressure forwards on the firing hand and equal pull back on the support hand. So as a whole, once you have good grip on the frame with high neutral thumbs, equal pressure in (towards the frame) from both hands and equal pressure pushing and pulling, your marksmanship and consistency in pulling off consecutive rounds with good placement will improve substantially. This is vital in combat shooting.

Next one we’ll step into indexing. Stay awesome and keep training hard!



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