Conflict Applications & Development Group
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Forged in America. Proven Worldwide.

CAD Group’s training system is simple. Accelerated programs designed to instill the core fundamentals of gunfighting, that are easily re-callable upon reaction to contact, across the full spectrum of warfare:

  • Urban environment

  • Remote/ Open terrain

  • Maritime environment

  • Vehicle based


Problem & Solution

Current standards in the industries of United States and Australia still reflect that of a pre 9/11 mentality. Whilst some of the industry content may be relevant after 18 years of fighting in the Global War On Terror (GWOT), the modules, delivery and concept of application are still very much outdated and designed around irrelevant training principles, such is that of a “square” range mindset.

CAD Group brings the latest in operational standards and experience to provide a holistic approach to individual and small unit tactics from:

  • United States Department of State

  • Agencies under the DNI umbrella


  • Presidential Protection Squadron (USMC HMX-1)

  • United States Secret Service

  • Protective Operations Divisions within Pentagon FPD, ARSOF, USN, OGA’s

  • DoJ SWAT Certification program and more…


Scalable System

Training Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) requires the delivery of a scalable and full spectrum package that can be applied to any urban or remote setting. This will allow the individual to operate confidently on their own or lead a small team with adequate command and control within an opposition based environment.


Evolution Cycle

The end state of all operational training should be opposition based with adequate AARs post cycle to evolve the individual/ unit as necessary. Without it, officers/ personnel are going through the motions without any real direct performance related feedback, immediately putting them at a disadvantage when confronting real world problems.

Utilising the crawl, walk, run analogy:

  • Crawl - Dry run with adequate range work to develop individual skill sets leading to integration of small unit tactics

  • Walk - Force on Paper: Application of learned skill set in mission specific environment

  • Run - Mission specific Force on Force Opposition Based Training (OBT)



Where to from here?

Reach out to us and take that first step in developing the capability required to address today’s evolving and emerging threats. LEOs no longer need to wait for the GWOT to arrive. It’s already here.