Isolation Front


Front and Tri aka Chesticles and Tri-cycles

The aim here is to attack the chest from four different angles. Isolation front and back sessions are only once a week. Now there are a few formats for this workout with different rep schemes.


  • Dumbbells with barbell - flat and incline work

  • Barbell only - flat only

  • Barbell only - incline only

  • Dumbbell only - flat and incline work

Rep Scheme

Starting from medium weight and high reps you will progress in higher weight with low reps and generally sets will range from 3 for newbies to 4-6 with intermediate and advanced lifters.

  • 3- 5 reps

  • 5-7 reps

  • 12 reps

The Exercises


  • Flat presses on dumbbell, barbell or both

  • Flat and incline flys

  • Incline presses on dumbbell, barbell or both

  • Cable cross over - generally as a fourth exercise. This doesn’t do anything except give a pump and feed blood to the muscles. Blood transports our vitamins, minerals, protein and fluids which help us grow. This is what we want!

  • Dumbbell/ plate pullover


These bad boys are worked almost every session and are the true powerhouse of all your lifts, strength and conditioning

  • Rear barbell shrug only

  • 3x5 , 4x5 or 3x7 rep range


  • Standing extensions (singles)

  • Skull crushers

  • Single cable push down/ tricep extension

  • Double cable push don/ tricep extension