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Marksmanship Management Skills - Pistol

RTT Active 12JUL19 - 15DEC19 (PERTH)


8 Hours Au$400ea

A scalable and effective system that can be recalled upon in the heat of contact is the foundation of this program. Employing a doctrine that covers the full spectrum of engagements with a pistol, the MMS-P is the most sort after program that will bring shooters with static department standards into the realm of operational effectiveness. Derived from standards employed by Department of State, various Special Mission Units (SMUs) and agencies under office of DNI, this program will cover the full spectrum from pistol marksmanship standards, reaction to contact, operational medicine for the individual shooter and mechanics and movements (M2). Shooters will take away a transferable skill set that can be employed in any operational setting they find themselves in.

Mandatory before progression into Nightfighter Clinic - low-light/ no light operations and Offensive Clearance: Alpha Packet.

PAX Limit Private - 5

PAX Limit Agency - 10




• Operational Medicine for the Individual Shooter
• Marksmanship Management Skills
• Self Diagnostic Tools
• Resilience •Video Diagnostics

• Strength and Conditioning • Mechanics and Movement (M2)
• Accelerated and integrated programming brought across from scalable systems involving physical fitness, shooting and combative sports




Training opportunities will be limited to Regional Training Team accessibility and time frame due to staff still actively duty. Should you wish to host external training, contact us direct for availability and package development.

Perth, Western Australia - 01SEPT19 - 15DEC19

  • Monday to Friday bookings only

  • Requires booking one week in advance minimum

Virginia, United States

  • 2020, TBC


Prepare for your course

The best way to prepare is to come with an open mind. Forget everything your organisation has taught you about pistol marksmanship in relation to self correction, pie chart of doom, trigger jerk and performance. This system will re-build the shooter from the ground up. Keep the body fresh and injury free as the course does contain courses of fire that are high impact. Sustained an injury leading up to the course? No problem. Rest up, let us know what it is and we’ll work around it to maximize course content and value for you.

Range essentials:

  • Comfy clothing and enclosed shoes that can get dirty and stained

  • PT clothing to change into - optional component

  • Open mind

  • Food and water

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Pen

  • Duty belt

  • Gloves optional



  • Firearm and rounds

  • Range

  • Candidate Booklet

  • Candidate Course Management Card

  • Training aids and simulators

  • Intro to Operational Medicine: TRAIC Program

  • Certificate upon completion

  • Access to Alumni only events

  • Access to Nightfighter Clinic

  • Access to Offensive Clearance: Alpha Packet

  • Keep your video with complete diagnostic post course and tips


All bookings are final however, should life get in the way, you can reschedule within a month post original booking.

Marksmanship Management Skills - Carbine (MMS-C)

Agency/ Department Dependent. Contact for package development and pricing.