Marksmanship Management Skills - Pistol
After Action Review


I like the way you do your business, real professional but at the same time you are relaxed and approachable. I didn’t feel like an idiot asking any questions.

From my perspective the course was a great success. My objective coming in was to be a more capable Police Officer, I wanted to improve my confidence and ability on the firearm. At the end of the day I definitely feel more capable and confident in my ability to deal with UOF situations at the highest level. This ties in with my higher goal of wanting to do specialist roles, the information and skills taught to me by you have me feeling more confident in my ability to succeed in the shooting aspects of the selection phase. I am looking forward to the next phase of progression with the Alpha packet asap! 

Just running through the day:

The outdoor range was a good experience, I’ve only ever used the two indoor academy ones (very sterile environments) or Lonerange (The very opposite of sterile).

Being out in the heat, running around, sweating it out, getting dirty, having the sun in my eyes and the sensory stimulation was a good progression from the indoor range business where the only distraction is the air con behind you.

Helping you set up at the start let me get a lay of the land so to speak and let me settle in a bit. 

The safety run through was good especially the CAT and chest seal run through! Again these are things I’ve never been shown before with XXXXXX, fresh knowledge. 

Jumping to the P2 I look at it embarrassed but then think about 7 hours later what you managed to get out of me in the ODA drill and I’m stoked. I am not scared of shooting but I know my stress was high, being recorded and not wanting to look like a sucker. The result was that gnarly 7 second plus drill. I shoot the three rounds and then just stare at an empty pistol. (stress got to me, I forgot the instruction. This is a fix for me going forward input the information then execute no matter the scenario or stressor) My HR was closing in on 100 at that point I think.

The video review at that time was great. You gave me in a matter of minutes a clear visual indication of what was good and bad with my form beginning to end and broke it down into the steps we would take to improve. BOOM plan of attack, in my head I know what we are doing now and what my focus is. Rather than the goal being just get better, the goal is now maintain a.b.c and get better at e.f.g.h.... 

I like the relaxed feel you had yet I had no doubt that you knew exactly what you were doing and talking about. At no point did I feel like an idiot, you didn’t let me go negative and were aware of that potential and broke off the drills with something different when you saw it happening. 

Getting to throw all those rounds down range really helped! From what I estimate we get less than 90 rounds a year at requal, so getting in 3 times those reps was good. 

Even seeing the jams were educational to me. Never happens in the concrete range but when I dropped the Glock in the sand and it jammed I got to clear it which I’ve never had to do but it’s a possible reality out on the road. 

The session on kneeling/prone was a highlight. Again, I’ve never been taught anything close to that yet it is a reality out on the road. I’ll try remember not to break dance though when I go prone 😊 

I really enjoyed the progressive build up. Challenging but progressing me along at a good pace. My HR graph builds up in a consistent way throughout the day. Pretty average until midday then consistently higher the rest of the arvo. 

V02 -Sick drill !! It was humbling. Before hand I thought “yeah I can run and shoot” even though I’d never done it before. Then I get 2 out of 8.. HUMBLED. HR was high, stress was on, time challenge, good learning experience. (A fix for me going forward)

ODA – what a way to end the day, fun drill, hard drill but when you told me I only dropped one I was so happy. The whole day came together and I didn’t notice it happening. 

Fist bumps all around man. 

If I can give a suggestion with the moving drills it would be maybe have them printed out on paper so we can see the movement lines and shooting points. When you pulled out the ODA hand written one it helped me get a better feel for the task. A bit bigger would help even more.

And maybe charge those ears up :) 

The debrief was solid, good way to wrap up the day. 

I was not expecting such a detailed video review of the P2 drill but I am damn glad I have it, the break down is clear and simple to follow (my wife looked over my shoulder as I watched it and not only was she very impressed with the effort and detail you went into but she was able to follow und understand what you were teaching). It’s solidified the days training and is going to be good to review along the way between range sessions.

Progress is what I want, I’ve got the ball rolling on joining the pistol club and getting a pistol of my own so that I can get out on the range a lot more than I do. I’m keen for Alpha and looking forward to TRIBE day! 

By way of summary.


I learned and improved my ability to shoot and move more in the space of 8 hours than I have over 8 years of requals. Every year without fail, whether it be an instructor or participant at the requal, someone will say something along the lines of “We don’t do this enough” ,  “Shooting once a year  isn’t enough” or “We need more practice”. Then everyone leaves and does nothing about it. It is not enough for me to hope that nothing happens and I never have to use my firearm OR to assume that the small amount of training on static targets at 2,4,6 and 8M is going to fully prepare me for a time when the highest level of UOF is required. I could go to a shooting range hire a pistol and throw 50 rounds down range and try self assess my dropped rounds with the limited knowledge I have or I could go to a professional for real instruction. Within minutes, 8 years of bad habits had been identified and a plan made to rectify them. This course improved my shooting and gave me a deeper understanding that there is a lot more to it and that I must continue to be proactive in developing my professional skills to be prepared for the worst.

Thanks for the day man, keep up the great work - C