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Nightfighter Clinic

RTT Active 12JUL19 - 15DEC19 (PERTH)


5 Hours $290ea

Building on the core fundamentals of the MMS-P, this program focuses solely on low-light/ no light engagements with a hand held light or weapon mounted light. Shooters can find themselves in ever changing environments when entering fixed structures or open air environments. Such situations adversely affect their primary sense in a gunfight - vision.

Engagements don’t always allow you time to draw a light from your pocket or holster. This program will ensure officer safety and maximise lethality across the spectrum of urban, rural and vehicle engagement work in low-light/ no light settings. Not every dark setting is at night!

PAX Limit - 10




• Performance of the human eye
• Reaction to conditions
• Equipment selection and preparation
• Handheld and weapon mounted techniques
• Patrol techniques

• Arc coverage and limited penetration
• Mechanics and Movement (M2)
• Human weapon systems reaction to contact
• Manipulation techniques whilst employing hand held lights



Training opportunities will be limited to Regional Training Team accessibility and time frame due to staff still actively duty. Should you wish to host external training, contact us direct for availability and package development.

Perth, Western Australia - 12JUL19 - 15DEC19

CAD Group Guerilla Range

  • 07NOV19

Virginia, United States


Prepare for your course

Due to the nature and conditions of low-light/ no-light operations and the complexity of the environment, the Marksmanship Management Skills - Pistol is a pre-requisite to attend. Manipulation, depth perception, visual and auditory exclusion effects on the human weapon system are very real therefore, this course is only available within 2 months of completing the Marksmanship Management Skills - Pistol program.

Range essentials:

  • Comfy clothing and enclosed shoes that can get dirty

  • Open mind - willingness to learn

  • Food and water

  • Eye and ear protection - can be supplied if necessary.

  • Handheld light (what you use on duty)

  • Head mounted light

  • Weapon mounted light optional (if you carry on duty)

  • Pen

  • Duty belt

  • Gloves optional



Candidate booklet

Firearms and rounds

Range hire

Course certificate


Candidate course management card


All bookings are final however, should life get in the way, you can reschedule within a month post original booking.