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Guerrilla Training

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Want to attend training in person but can’t?

We hear this often. Welcome to our online training program. The place where you can access us anytime, anywhere and we’ll build you a whole new package. With only four rounds, I can build you a new, confident and superior shooting package just like I would if you attended training in person. How? All through our current real world experience, D3 (patent pending) system of approach and learning and passing on what works 100% of the time.

As you would have seen, via our Facebook page and write ups, we don’t believe in pre 9/11 standards that control the industry nor do we believe in surface level knowledge. There is no substitute to the full quality and development we can give you in a days training in person but, through our experience and D3 coaching system, you will learn more in 20 minutes than your entire career in Australia and be able to see substantial improvement on your next range session.

Regardless if your left or right handed, pistol make, male or female, I can guarantee your game will improve.

Guerrilla Training
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• P2 Drill
• Marksmanship Management Skills
• Self Diagnostic Tools
• Real world skill set adaptable to any position or environment • Video Diagnostics

• Mechanics and Movement (M2) • Regular drill breakdowns and structured range sessions to work in your own time • Access to closed group for regular training tips, skills break down and friendly competition to win swag





Prepare for your course

Once purchased we’ll send you the joining packet with full instructions to execute the P2 drill. Upon purchasing we’ll also admit you to the TRIBE where there is a further knowledge base and like minded community developing to build capable humans.



  • State of the art training

  • Proven methods regardless of your end state being competition or combat

  • Complete breakdown of performance with the why things are happening and how to rectify it


ALL purchases are final.

Guerrilla Training
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