27:17 Assault Forward Tee

27:17 Assault Forward Tee


CAD Group Assault Forward pre-order tee is live!

"Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another"

Same high quality construction and garment as our other designs. A drop just for our US and Tribe brothers and sisters.


  • Athletic Cut and Fit

  • Small - XXL Sizing

  • Print on sleeves and CAD Group logo centre

  • Popular high quality garment just like our other tees. So you know it fits and works

INCLUDES A FREE SLAP! Spread that foot print. 

The design represents the foundations of what we are with a quote reference on the sleeve from one of our warrior brothers who is a giant amongst men and currently recovering from an injury. We'll own the night brother till you get back.

This is what the Tribe is all about.

#DOL #GWB #USASOC #TeamTime #ThereIsAStandard #WarIsOurProfession #GuerillaWarfare

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