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SPR2 MOD1 Program

Strength, Performance, Rehabilitation and Reinforcement Program


Life - Program Purchase $75

In a world where everyone turns out 12 week training programs to a new you and crack method systems, such as F45, that make you dependent on their system to achieve results, we are the difference.

We don’t want you reliant on a system that costs you an arm and a leg. We don’t want you attending our training sessions six months straight and paying extensive personal trainer fees without personal development and the know how to program and train yourself. Carrying over our approach from special operations, as your coach, we WANT to work ourselves out of a job. If we don’t, we are failing you as your coach and failing our own values and approach to building more capable humans.

The difference between our pedigree and dudes sitting at Embassy posts getting jacked and dude/ettes spinning out these stripping programs? Our knowledge and approach is direct from experience within USASOC and more specifically the most advanced training and rehabilitation program in the world. The THOR3 program and facility. The other difference is, our program is built to be adaptive to your starting point. It’s all fine and well to look at these programs that state “I’ve done this and works so it’ll work for you” but, where was their (program designer) starting point? What’s their foundation and performance output on day x? If they can’t answer with “from when they were the regular civilian” you, the client, are wasting your time and money.

Having been critically injured multiple times, certified in strength and conditioning and our approach to training being our very way of life, we want you to evolve and we Want to work ourselves out of a job. Whether we are training a HN army/ security force to manage and contain insurgencies or the civilian to tackle life, we’ll set you up to succeed without being co-dependent and without losing your own identity.




• Strength and Conditioning
• Resilience and Mental Health
• Increased performance output in all plains of motion and lifts
• Self diagnostics tools
• Program design and management

• Adaptive programming that will last a lifetime
• Monitored and Assisted training
• Experience driven programming across the spectrum of functional and rehabilitation work
• Proven rehabilitation and reinforcement programs • Self reliant



Perth, Western Australia

“Shock and Awe” Walk-in Session $25

One month - 3 session p/ week - $160

  • CAD Group Guerilla Gym - TBC

Virginia, United States

  • CAD Group Guerilla Gym - TBC


Prepare for your course

A want to change and attitude to win is all you need. We’ll take you the rest of the way. We’ll give you the knowledge, method of approach and capability to make a new and self reliant you. Access to the TRIBE will dispel industry BS approaches, lies and plain stupidity in the physical training community along with accurate information and movement diagnostic tools.

  • TRIBE access upon purchase



  • Candidate booklet/ program

  • TRIBE access

  • Access to Alumni only events


All bookings and purchases are final.