Yep. You may have guessed it. When nothing else is working. When all other programs are failing to break you out of your plateau, there is only one option.

"S’s Journal of Pain.

These sessions are designed by one of the more sexier men alive, an absolute weapon of a human that is also working with one of the cooler kids out of Quantico. Put in the work, feed off of the pain and reap the rewards!

S’s Journal Of Pain

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Today's Monday fun.

A) Back Squat Work up to a 3x3



B)10x Body weight Deadlift.

25 yd KB farmers carry

10x KB Goblet Squats

25 yd KB farmers carry


C) 100x KB Swings.

A)- Back Squat - 265lb

B)- DL @225lb - FW @53lb x2 - GS @53lb

C)- 53lb (25, 25, 20, 20, 10)

Push ya self to the limit. Get out of your comfort zone. Don't be scared to fail, just don't give up.




Warm up

1 mile run


3 Rds for time

400m run

10x Body Weight DLs

400m run

20x Burpees

400m run

30x Push-ups

400m run

40x Sit-ups

If you want to spice it up, grab your plate carrier and get after it.

Then grab a beer and enjoy your weekend

ruck for liberty.jpg

09AUG19 - Friday Ruck For Freedom

When you want an early release on a Friday. You gotta ruck for it. Its "Friday Ruck For Freedom".

Full load out - Flak, Battle belt and main pack. 3.5 miles over ground movement.