Terms & Policies


All reservations are final and non-refundable should you cancel within 7 days of notice. Reservations will only bee accepted if the RTT is in your immediate area and a fixed schedule provided to the client. Should the RTT be on short notice within your available area, there are no refunds should you choose to cancel regardless of time frame.


All cancellations are final and non-refundable. Should CAD Group’s RTT’s be recalled to active status at short notice, there will be a full refund to the client.


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CAD Group has access to ranges at various locations worldwide. Should the client wish to provide a range and training environment at no charge to CAD Group, this will be reflected in the final price.


Should the client sustain any injuries leading up to a scheduled training cycle, please notify staff so physical components can be altered to maximize use of range time and the students full potential. Should the client sustain an injury prior attending that will result in a no-show, please refer to refundable options above in Reservation and Cancellation Policies to review the acceptable time frames.